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About Us

The Company

Nuroa was founded in Barcelona in 2006. In 2009, Nuroa expands its reach to America and Australia. Following a strategy of growth and international expansion, Nuroa is present in 15 countries in 2015.

In March 2016, Nuroa was acquired by the Mitula Group, a company listed in the Australian Stock Exchange. With the group, Nuroa is part of a network of more than 170 websites in 45 countries and 18 languages – with 4 major brands ‘Mitula’, ‘Nestoria’, ‘DotProperty’ and ‘Nuroa’.

Leadership Team

With more than 100 employees, the Mitula Group is composed of professionals from more than 15 nationalities. A multi-cultural team with offices in Barcelona, London, Madrid, Manila, Melbourne and Singapore manage the 4 brands of the group.

Discover our management team in our corporate page of the group.

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Private Parties

At Nuroa we don’t post listings from private parties; we are exclusively dedicated to publishing listings from real estate and classified ad websites.  If you are a private party and want to see your property advertised on Nuroa, you may do so through one of our partners’ websites.


Nuroa is a brand part of the Mitulagroup. You can contact us through this form and we will reply to as soon as possible.

Privacy policy

1. Introduction

Maintain confidentiality and privacy of users’ personal data is very important for us.

The Privacy Policy is applicable to all the services and websites provided by Nuroa Internet S.L. (ahead “Nuroa”).

If you have any question regarding this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us to:

Nuroa Internet S.L.
Carrer Enrique Granados 6
28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

Or to

Nuroa only processes personal information for the purposes detailed in this Privacy Policy:

  1. To provide services to our clients, including the personalised visualisation of content and advertising.
  2. To continuously test, analyse and revise our services to maintain, protect and optimise them.
  3. To ensure the correct technical operation of our network.
  4. To develop new services.

The client will be able to express his/her consent to the present Privacy Policy by selecting the option “I accept Nuroa’s terms and conditions and privacy policy” established in

The client is responsible for the truth and ownership of the information he/she supplies.

2. Confidentiality

In according to the current applicable regulation, Nuroa informs you that the data indicated by the client will be included in a database under Nuroa’s control and responsibility, with the purpose of providing the services you have requested as well as to provide commercial and promotional information related, directly or indirectly, to our services, electronically or by any other means.

The client shall be entitled any time to access, cancel, rectify his/her data by sending a communication to the address provided above.

The client, informed of the effects of the current applicable regulations, expressly accepts that his/her data provided can be transferred for the purposes mentioned to the agents and distributors network that collaborate with Nuroa in the promotion and sale of its services. The present acceptance by the client to the treatment and/or transfer of his/her data in the way described above is revocable, without retro-active effects for the providers.

The client hereby expressly authorizes Nuroa to analyse the solvency of the client from any sources of information available in the market to this effect. The obtained data shall be kept in the files of the clients in order to obtain, maintain and cancel, in his/her case, the contractual relationship.

The client hereby expressly acknowledges storing and transferring his /her data to foreign countries, even though the level of data protection provided by those countries is not equivalent to the level provided by the mentioned law.

Nuroa shall be entitled to adopt the appropriate security measures in order to protect unauthorized access or alterations, revelation or destruction of non authorized information. This includes internal updates of our compilation practices, and security measures storage and processing as well as physical security measures to protect the access to the systems in which Nuroa keeps the personal information.

3. Cookies

With the aim of controlling the client’s session, uses cookies when the aforesaid client surfs the website. Thus, the cookies used are not temporal, and therefore, do not disappear when the session is closed. This cookie is stored on the disk and when the client closes the browser, the cookie remains on it. The cookies used cannot read the data of the hard disk neither read the other cookies created by other providers. The cookies used are not harmful and they can only be used during the client’s session. The client has the option of configuring his browser to alert him of cookie’s reception. Please review the instructions and handbook of your browser to obtain more information. To use this website, it is necessary that the client allows the installation of cookies. In the event that the cookie’s service and/or Java Script is deactivated, on website shall appear a warning informing the client about this fact, and the site will not work correctly.

Nuroa Real Estate XML Feed

If you have a real estate portal or a classified web site and you want to include your listing in Nuroa, you only have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact us to know which is the best solution for your needs.
  2. Create an UFT-8 XML file in the format specified below.
  3. Make sure there are no syntax errors in the file that prevents the proper XML processing. To do that you can use any XML validator available on the internet, like
  4. Provide us the URL where the XML file is stored.If you prefer we offer you the possibility to upload your file into our FTP server. Contact us and we will send you the login.

Once we have received your XML, we will index your listing in Nuroa.

Useful information

Below you will find all the specifications and fields required for the indexation of your ads in Nuroa. It is very important that the XML feed includes all the required fields. If you need more information about XML format check wikipedia.

Feed processing information:

  1. When a feed is processed and an ad is already indexed in Nuroa, only the following field of the ad will be updated : <ad_type>, <category> and <price>.  An ad will be fully updated (all the property fields) when the date of the field <last_update> is modified.
  2. The picture shown on Nuroa is the first of the set of pictures in the XML. We don’t allow corporate images with information such as “No image available”.
  3. In case the XML feed does not meet all the requirements mentioned in this page Nuroa can, under no circumstances,  be  considered responsible for the poor processing of the information provided. Nuroa also disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the data provided. The updating of the information contained in the XML file will be under the responsibility of the advertiser.

XML Structure

The general structure of the document is shown in the box below. Required fields are in bold. When a field is required, it must contain information, if not the ad will not be integrated into our data base. If no data to fill in an optional field are available, you have to leave the field empty.

Regarding the ads, it is imperative to have a single URL for each one of them, or in other words it cannot be two ads associated to the same URL.

<?XML version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>

    <id><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></id>
    <link><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></link>
    <overseas><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></overseas> 

            <picture_url><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></picture_url>
            <picture_title><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></picture_title>
            <picture_url><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></picture_url>
            <picture_title><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></picture_title>



    <agency_name><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></agency_name>
    <agency_address><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></agency_address> 

    <ad_type><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></ad_type>
    <category><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></category> 

    <title><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></title>
    <description><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></description>
    <european_energy_class><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></european_energy_class>
    <european_energy_index><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></european_energy_index>
    <rooms><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></rooms>
    <bathrooms><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></bathrooms>
    <square_meters><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></square_meters>
    <floor_number><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></floor_number>
    <condition><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></condition>

    <owner><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></owner>
    <bank><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></bank>

    <price><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></price>
    <price_day><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></price_day>
    <price_week><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></price_week>
    <currency><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></currency>

    <city><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></city>
    <country><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></country>
    <location><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></location>
    <postcode><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></postcode>
    <neighbourhood><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></neighbourhood>
    <longitude><![CDATA [ . . . ]]></longitude>
    <latitude><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></latitude>

    <insertion_date><![CDATA[ . . . ]]></insertion_date>


Required fields

id: id of the ad on your website (numeric or alphanumeric but it must be unique) – Free text string

link: Ads URL. It must be a single URL for each ad or, in other words, it is not allowed to have two or more ads associated to the same URL

overseas: This field it is only required for overseas feeds and it must contain the numeric value 1 (ex. <overseas><![CDATA[1]]></overseas>)

ad_type: Type of the ad – Fixed text string: sale | new development | rent | flatshare

category: The property type of the ad (ex. house, flat, studio, detached_house, office, parking, etc.) – Free text string

title: Ads title (ex. Newly refurbished flat in London – Brick Lane!) – Free text string

description: Ads description – Free text string

price: Price in Pound Streling of the property, to use for properties for sale and rent. In the case of a property to rent it is mandatory to use this field only if the price is monthly based. For price per day or price per week rentals use the appropriate field below – Numerical  decimal

price_day: Price of the property in Pound per day, only for property to rent – Numerical  decimal

price_week: Price of the property in Pound per week, only for property to rent – Numerical  decimal

city: The name of the city where the property is located  – Free text string

country: The name of the country where the property is located (ex. United Kingdom) – Free text string

insertion_date: Date of the ad insertion – Date format: dd/mm/YYYY (ex. 01/01/2011)

longitude: Longitud. This is an important field for the organic ranking in Nuroa however feeds will be accepted without this field – Numerical  decimal

latitude: Latitud. This is an important field for the organic ranking in Nuroa however feeds will be accepted without this field – Numerical  decimal

Recommended fields for a better conversion and ranking in Nuroa results

picture_url: URL where the picture of the property is located

agency_name: Estate agent name – Free text string

agency_address: Estate agent address – Free text string

rooms: Number of rooms – Numerical integer

bathrooms: Number of bathrooms – Numerical integer

square_meters: Area of the property – Numerical integer

floor_number: floor number – Numerical integer

location: Addres where the property is located – Free text string

postcode: The postcode of the area where the property is located – Free text string

neighbourhood: Neighbourhood or district (ex. tower hamlets) – Free text string

Optional fields

picture_title: Title of the picture (ex. living room) – Free text string

condition: The conditions of the property (ex. newly refurbished) – Free text string

owner: If the property is managed by the owner. Format: 1 = the property is for sale/rent by owner. It’s not necessary to include this field if the property is being marketed by an Estate Agent – Numerical boolean

bank: If the property is managed by a bank. Format: 1 = the property is for sale/rent by bank. It’s not necessary to include this field if the property is being marketed by an Estate Agent – Numerical boolean

Legal Notice

1. Introduction

The present dispositions regulate the use of the site (and other domains property of the same company, including,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, which Nuroa Internet S.L. (ahead “Nuroa”) – Spanish limited company registered in the Registro Mercantil of Barcelona in volume 38.508, folio 0108, page B-329.063 and with N.I.F. B-64.183.445, with registered office at Carrer Enrique Granados 6, 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid , Spain – offers to internet users, as well as the content which will be shown or will be offered, on the aforementioned page, to these clients.

The General Terms and Conditions posted on this website at any given moment are those current in the determined moment.

There is free access to the website, except for connection costs due to the telecommunications network provider subscription by the client.

The access to the “My Nuroa” area is an exclusive service, destined to the clients who are registered and active on Nuroa. A client is considered as an active client once he/she has registered via the procedures established on this website and the registration confirmation of the binding agreement is sent to the email address indicated by the client during the registration process.

In case of fault by the client regarding the obligations described in the Terms and Conditions, Nuroa shall be entitled to prohibit or deny the access to the “My Nuroa” section of the website, without prejudice of further legal actions that may correspond to Nuroa.

The access to this website attributes the condition of client of the site and implies the acceptance of all the terms and conditions described here in details. The service provided by lasts until, the client is connected to the website or to any other service provided. Therefore, the client must accurately read the present Terms and Conditions any time he/she pretends to access to the site, because the same are subjected to changes.

For some of the services of this website, accessible to all internet users or exclusive for Nuroa clients, there are Particular Terms Conditions which, in this case, will substitute, complete and/or modify the present General Terms and Conditions, which will have to be accepted by the client before the specific service is offered or subscribed to. The access and/or use and/or subscription to these services and contents expresses the absolute and unconditional acceptance of the corresponding Particular Terms and Conditions in the version published on the Nuroa website at the time of the access and/or use and/or subscription.

Nuroa shall be entitled to unilaterally modify, at anytime and without prior notice, the form and conditions of subscription to the Nuroa services, provided on, as well as the General Terms and Conditions and the corresponding Particular Terms and Conditions.

Any client has to access and use the website according to the present General Terms and Conditions, the Particular Terms and Conditions, law, ethics, good faith and/or good practices, refraining from performing any act which may imply any kind of damages to the website, to Nuroa, and/or to other clients and/or any third party.

2. Contracting Nuroa Services, Payment Terms

The access and contracting process, terms and conditions of the services offered by Nuroa will be, at any time, subjected to what is established on its website, at the current moment of the services providing, so Nuroa reserves the right to unilaterally modify, in any moment, and without prior notice, the mentioned Terms and Conditions.

Likewise, the client, when contracting Nuroa’s services, is under the obligation to supply truthful information, assuming to these effects the responsibility of all the damages and consequences of any kind, directly and/or indirectly caused by the untruthfulness of the information provided, to Nuroa and/or to any third party, at any time, for any reason, and by any means.

We understand and will excercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.

3. Duration

According to the terms and conditions of the present General Terms and Conditions as well as to the applicable Particular Terms and Conditions, Nuroa reserves the unilateral right to temporally suspend or permanently terminate the services provided through the website, as well as temporarily suspend or permanently terminate the registration to the website.

4. Access Codes

Nuroa will offer the possibility to obtain a username and access code, personal and non-transferable, in order to allow the client to access and use this website and the services offered by Nuroa. The client is obliged to keep confidential these codes, refraining from providing his/her personal username / password / access code to a third party, and assuming, therefore, any consequence arising from the default of such obligation. The access code can be modified by any of the parties upon request. In the event that such modification comes from an express request of Nuroa, the client will receive the notification of the date of deactivation and substitution of the access code for a new one, as well as the new personal data, on the email address provided by himself/herself.

Nuroa is not responsible for any harm or negative consequence or loss of profit caused to the client and/or a third party due to the loss or theft and/or use by a third party of the personal username or password/access code.

5. Industrial and Intellectual Property

Nuroa is the owner of the domains,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The website in its whole, including, without any exceptions, its design, structure and distribution, text and contents, logos, buttons, images, source code, as well as the intellectual and industrial property rights and any other distinctive sign related to the aforementioned, to the website itself and any other that appears on the website, as well as all those related to the services offered by Nuroa and those owned by Nuroa, pertain to Nuroa and/or the corresponding owner, and, therefore, it is prohibited, by means, their use, exploitation, copy, reproduction, as well as their elimination, damage, and/or modification, registration and/or request of register them, partially or totally, temporarily or permanently, and any other similar presently or in the future without the Nuroa´s express and written authorization, and/or of the corresponding owner, without the possibility to understand that exists a licence or authorization whatever its nature, total and/or partial, to any third parties and/or client by Nuroa and/or by the corresponding owner.

Nuroa reserves the right to unilaterally redesign and modify, at any time, and without further notice, the presentation and configuration of the website.

All the rights of industrial or intellectual property and any other distinctive sign, including without exception, contents documents, texts and reports published on this website, as well as images, design, graphics, drawings, buttons, logos, brands, of the contributors to the website, pertain to their authors, therefore, it is prohibited, in any means, to use, exploit, copy or reproduce them, as well as eliminating, damaging and/or modifying them, registering and/or attempting to register them, partially or totally, temporarily or permanently, or any similar, presently or in the future, without the express authorization by the authors, without the possibility to understand that exists a licence or authorization whatever its nature, total and/or partial, to a any third parties and/or client by Nuroa and/or from the corresponding owner.

Nuroa will not assume any responsibility in the event that any third-party Intellectual or Industrial property right is violated by a third party and/or client, or violate the rights of a third party and/or client.

6. Responsibility Exemption

There is no relationship or association of any kind between Nuroa and the website, with the owners of the websites linked to, therefore, Nuroa and the website are not responsible for third-party websites neither their utility, trustworthiness, accuracy, nor for the contents included in such sites; these websites belong to independent corporations without existing association or relationship with Nuroa.

Nuroa is not responsible for any harm and/or damage and/or losses of profit of the client or of any third party damaged by the opinions, representations, data and/or content that, in this case, is emitted directly or indirectly by the clients and/or third parties for any reason, at any time and by any mean on the website.

Nuroa doesn’t ensure the continuous, reliable, permanent operation of the website; therefore, Nuroa is not responsible for any damage and/or harm and/or loss of profit that may be caused to the client or a third party by delays or interruptions of the website operation.

Nuroa is not responsible for any damage and/or loss of profit for the client or a third party as a consequence of a circumstance of force majeure, fortuitous event, failure or error in the communications lines, or for the defective rendered service or failure of the Internet.

Nuroa is not responsible for any harm and/or damage caused to any client or third party, neither for harm and/or damages suffered by any client or third party, occurring directly or indirectly during the use and/or access and/or connection to the website and/or other linked websites, not being Nuroa responsible of any incorrect operation, defects, or errors that damage, totally or partially, any hardware or software, or cause the loss/alteration and/or damage of the information stored in magnetic supports, disks, tapes, floppy disks and others, as well as the introduction of computer viruses or undesired variations or alterations on the information, documents, files, databases, hardware and/or software.

Nuroa is not responsible for any harm and/or damages caused to any third party for the use of his/her own banking data information without the prior consent of any client that contract any product or service with Nuroa.

Nuroa is not responsible for any errors in the communications transmission, including the deletion, incomplete transmission, delay in transmission of these communications, and doesn’t ensure the transmission network’s constant functioning. Nuroa is not responsible in the case that a third party circumvents the security measures established by Nuroa and/or circulates and/or transmits computer viruses.

Nuroa has adopted all the legally enforced security measures for the protection of the client’s supplied data. However, Nuroa cannot guarantee the absolute invulnerability of its security systems, neither the security nor inviolability of the data in its transmission through the web. Nuroa cannot guarantee the truthfulness or currency of the data supplied by the clients.

Nuroa does not guarantee the constant and correct functioning of its services and the absence of computer viruses in the services offered to third parties through its network of sites that can produce alterations in its technical system (software or hardware) or in the documents or files stored in its system.

The links that Nuroa offers the client have the purpose of making easier the search of available information on the Internet. Nuroa cannot ensure the adequacy of the system for any services outside of the one hired by the client, neither that it provides access to all sites on the Internet. The services available in the linked sites are not offered neither commercialized by Nuroa, nor does it assume any responsibility for these products or services.

Nuroa, as a services provider, does not control the use of its services made by the client. Therefore, Nuroa is not responsible for the use of these services and/or their content that the client may make in violation of the law and/or these Terms and Conditions and/or the applicable Particular Terms and Conditions. Nuroa is not responsible for the content and/or information and/or data transmitted, neither for originating the transmission, modifying the data, nor selecting it and/or the addressee, being, therefore, the client the only person responsible for the consequences of his/her use unlawful or in disagreement with these Terms and Conditions, as well as the truthfulness and/or lawfulness of the contents provided by the client. In this sense, the client has the obligation to use the services according to the applicable law.

In the event that Nuroa is aware, by any means, directly or indirectly, of the existence of contents that may infringe on the current laws or these Terms and Conditions and/or the applicable Particular Terms and Conditions, or of the unlawful, unauthorised or fraudulent use, Nuroa is entitled to suspend the services, totally or partially, without the client’s prior authorisation, by eliminating the infringing contents and taking any other measures considered necessary to disallow the continuity in the infringement detected, relinquishing the client to any claim, in case there is, directly or indirectly any error and/or mistake by Nuroa in such contents.

Without detriment of the previous points, Nuroa shall be entitled to communicate to the administrative or judicial authorities the acts that may constitute an illegal activity, without oblige of notification to the client.

In particular, Nuroa is not responsible for the defective provision or interruption of the services commercialised and provided in the following events:

  1. Interruption of the services due to network maintenance.
  2. Discontinuity in the service caused by the introduction from the client and/or any third parties of hardware or software components that provoke a defective operation of the technical systems or that are incompatible with the elements of the system.
  3. Interruption of the services due to the inability of access to the broadband support.
  4. Interruption of the services due to an incorrect use or their inadequacy.
  5. Interruption of the services due to the errors in the electrical power supply to the equipment and devices used by the client to access the services.
  6. Causes attributable to a third party or force majeure.
  7. Lost of quality of the service or connection capacity, for causes not directly attributable to Nuroa.
  8. Administrative or judicial resolutions.
  9. Harm and/or damages, of any kind, arising from client and/or a third parties fault.
  10. Harm and/or damages caused directly or indirectly to the client and/or to any third parties by not directly causes attributable to Nuroa.
  11. Incorrect configuration of the necessary installation by people not related to Nuroa and/or by the client and/or any third party.
  12. Lost of profit for the client and/or any third parties.

The unpredictable events, as well as the force majeure cases, official measures, errors in the telecommunications connections not directly attributable to Nuroa, will exempt Nuroa from providing services while the unpredictable events, etc., last.

7. Confidentiality

Nuroa and its personnel and technical support will treat and keep the entire client’s information they have access by any means, in a confidential manner, they will not use it, divulge it or allow to be used or divulged, and they will destroy it or return it instantly, for any reason or by any mean it is registered, when in the offering of the hired services and according to the present Terms and Conditions and the applicable Particular Terms and Conditions they have access to information on any type of client. In any case, the corresponding laws shall be applied.

8. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

All the discrepancies, claims and controversies that may arise shall be settled by the Barcelona Courts and Tribunals, for events pertaining to its jurisdiction, and for those outside of its jurisdiction, to the jurisdiction legally established.

9. Third-Party Policy

Third-party companies may collect and use information about your visits to this and other websites linked with in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like to have further information about it and to know your rights about not allowing these companies to use this information, please visit this page.

The Spanish law shall be applied.

The present General Terms and Conditions shall be effective on January 1st, 2010.


How can we help?

Do you need help to find information on a property?
Nuroa does not manage properties. When you click on a property ad, you are being redirected to the website of the advertiser. Portals advertising in Nuroa have all the information regarding the properties. Every publisher chooses on their own website the point of contact : it can be through email, phone or contact form.

How can i delete an ad?
The information that appears in Nuroa has been provided by our partners. If you would like an ad not to appear in Nuroa, you have to first contact the advertiser to delete the information. It will then stop to appear on Nuroa.

Do you need help with your alerts?
If you would like to manage your alerts, you have to access your profile with your email adress and password, go to the section My Nuroa and click on My alerts. You will be able to manage all the alerts or delete them. For more information, you can contact us through this email.

Do you want to be partner with Nuroa?
We offer different types of partnerships : marketing campaigns or have your ads listed in nuroa, please contact us.

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