1. Introduction

Maintain confidentiality and privacy of users’ personal data is very important for us.

The Privacy Policy is applicable to all the services and websites provided by Nuroa Internet S.L. (ahead “Nuroa”).

If you have any question regarding this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us to:

Nuroa Internet S.L.
Carrer Enrique Granados 6
28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid

Or to


Nuroa only processes personal information for the purposes detailed in this Privacy Policy:

  1. To provide services to our clients, including the personalised visualisation of content and advertising.
  2. To continuously test, analyse and revise our services to maintain, protect and optimise them.
  3. To ensure the correct technical operation of our network.
  4. To develop new services.

The client will be able to express his/her consent to the present Privacy Policy by selecting the option “I accept Nuroa’s terms and conditions and privacy policy” established in www.nuroa.co.uk.

The client is responsible for the truth and ownership of the information he/she supplies.

2. Confidentiality

In according to the current applicable regulation, Nuroa informs you that the data indicated by the client will be included in a database under Nuroa’s control and responsibility, with the purpose of providing the services you have requested as well as to provide commercial and promotional information related, directly or indirectly, to our services, electronically or by any other means.

The client shall be entitled any time to access, cancel, rectify his/her data by sending a communication to the address provided above.

The client, informed of the effects of the current applicable regulations, expressly accepts that his/her data provided can be transferred for the purposes mentioned to the agents and distributors network that collaborate with Nuroa in the promotion and sale of its services. The present acceptance by the client to the treatment and/or transfer of his/her data in the way described above is revocable, without retro-active effects for the providers.

The client hereby expressly authorizes Nuroa to analyse the solvency of the client from any sources of information available in the market to this effect. The obtained data shall be kept in the files of the clients in order to obtain, maintain and cancel, in his/her case, the contractual relationship.

The client hereby expressly acknowledges storing and transferring his /her data to foreign countries, even though the level of data protection provided by those countries is not equivalent to the level provided by the mentioned law.

Nuroa shall be entitled to adopt the appropriate security measures in order to protect unauthorized access or alterations, revelation or destruction of non authorized information. This includes internal updates of our compilation practices, and security measures storage and processing as well as physical security measures to protect the access to the systems in which Nuroa keeps the personal information.

3. Cookies

With the aim of controlling the client’s session, www.nuroa.co.uk uses cookies when the aforesaid client surfs the website. Thus, the cookies used are not temporal, and therefore, do not disappear when the session is closed. This cookie is stored on the disk and when the client closes the browser, the cookie remains on it. The cookies used cannot read the data of the hard disk neither read the other cookies created by other providers. The cookies used are not harmful and they can only be used during the client’s session. The client has the option of configuring his browser to alert him of cookie’s reception. Please review the instructions and handbook of your browser to obtain more information. To use this website, it is necessary that the client allows the installation of cookies. In the event that the cookie’s service and/or Java Script is deactivated, on www.nuroa.co.uk website shall appear a warning informing the client about this fact, and the site will not work correctly.